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“Turn off the main road at Camps onto the lane that runs out on a small bluff that overlooks the sea. Almond Garden. We first made this turn twenty-one years ago, came back yearly for seven more exotic vacations, then traded this luxury for the responsibilities of parenthood.  This year after a fourteen year hiatus we returned with breath held.
How much had Nevis changed?  Would we recognize anything?  The turn at Camps was recognizable, our old friend Mr. David greeted us on the lane and Almond Garden greeted us as if we had never left.  Had it changed?
Of course it had changed, with new amenities, window and doors and ever changing landscaping.
It was still Almond Garden, an area rich in natural beauty and history from the prehistoric village site on the bluff to the mysterious pile of ballast that on occasion is exposed just off the beach with pipe stems, pottery shards and tools that give a glimpse to Nevis’s colonial history. One can sit on the porch and watch the ocean with plays of light on the palms from sun up to twilight and never tire of the endless beauty of Nevis.  I asked my wife, has it changed?  ‘The lane seems less bumpy, I think.’ “
-  P&J from Nottingham PA • March of 2004

“We made our first trip to Nevis and Almond Garden the end of March 2004. We’ve traveled the Caribbean many times before on cruises but have never really stayed on any of the islands before and had never visited Nevis or knew where it was. It was a unique experience. It really gave you insight into the local culture. The people couldn’t be friendlier and Almond Garden was all that we expected and more. It was one of those vacations where we got up at sunrise, went to bed early, read, both on the sundeck and the beach, and just generally unwound. You were never without the sound of the surf. If you are looking for a unique, relaxing vacation we’d highly recommend it.”
– P & SA from Quarryville PA • March 27 thru April 3, 2004

“We have vacationed in the Caribbean often, but this was our first visit to the tiny, remote island of Nevis.  This island is truly a gem, with friendly natives, and still remains untouched by mass tourism.  We found it very relaxing, and exploring the ruins of the sugar mills and plantations gave us a glimpse of the island's historical past.
Rather than stay at a resort, we opted to stay at Almond Garden and get the real feel of the island.  Almond Garden is nestled in a picturesque setting overlooking your private beach.  The sound of the surf can always be heard, with palm trees swaying, as mystical Mt. Nevis looms in the background.  Equipped with all the amenities, you quickly feel at home.
If you are planning a trip to the Caribbean, definitely consider Nevis and Almond Garden----We would return
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