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1. Almond Garden is about 5 minutes from  the airport and about 17 minutes from Charlestown.
2. Nevis is on AST, Atlantic Standard Time all year long. They do NOT have Daylight Savings time. AST is an hour later then EST, Eastern Standard Time and the same as DST, Daylight Savings time in the Eastern Time zone in the US.
3. There is a grocery store, the Sunshine Shopper, across from the airport, which is small but carries the basics. If you just need a few things or if you get there late in the day you’d be able to pick up a few things to tide you over till you can get into Charlestown.
4. There are basically 3 full service supermarkets all in Charlestown. Best Buy, Super Foods & Ram’s. Ram’s is by far the largest. Although depending what you are looking for you might have to shop all three.
5. Since you are in a tropical paradise one of the great things is the open air food market where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables. It is officially open Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, but there is usually a stand or two open everyday in between. And you will often find street vendors as well.
6. Just so you know Sunday is still Sunday in Nevis which means that most things are closed including a few of the grocery stores. Best Buy is open. Just a note too if you have special dietary requirements it would be good to plan ahead. This is definitely beef and seafood country. If you are looking for an excellent restaurant, good, inexpensive food that is all plant based, give Nature’s Way in the Cotton Ginnery Mall, second floor, a try. They serve breakfast and lunch and are closed on Sunday. The Cotton Ginnery Mall is right off the tender pier in Charlestown. Their phone number is 869-469-5029.
7. Travelers Checks can be exchanged for Eastern Caribbean Dollars at any of the five banks in town and we know that Best Buy and probably the other stores too will take Travelers Checks. We would definitely recommend paying for things in EC (Eastern Caribbean Dollars). Since Nevis is English EC are in dollars and cents and except for the fact that the coins and bills look different and it takes more of them it’s a very easy switch from US Dollars to EC. At this writing $1 US equals $2.70 EC.
8. A rental car is a must. Since Almond Garden is 17 minutes from Charlestown unless you have a rental car you would have two choices, either spend the entire time at Almond Garden, which would not be a bad thing or call a taxi every time you wanted to explore. The taxi option would be more expensive then renting a car and would be terribly inconvenient. So if you expect to explore this beautiful island, get a car. Most of the rentals are small four wheel drive cars like the Suzuki Grand Vitara. You’ll understand why four-wheel drive and small once you see some of the roads. You will be asked about a rental car when you make an Almond Garden reservation and if you elect to go that way the car rental arrangements will be made for your. Keep in mind too that any one who wants to drive will need a local driver’s license, which basically means showing your US license and paying $25 US. For your convenience the rental agent comes to Almond Garden with the car to take care of the car rental documents and the local driver’s license. You must show you US license, so have it with you. It couldn’t be easier. Just one other thing, they drive on the LEFT which they will remind you of when you get your rental car.
9. Almond Garden has all the linens provided which includes bath towels, hand towels, beach, dish rags, hand towels and tea towels for the kitchen.
10. There is a phone available in Almond Garden which allows you to make local phones calls which is really handy for making restaurant reservations or checking to see when things are open. It also allows those from home to get in contact with you. Currently AT&T TDMA cell phones can make and receive calls on the island but of course you are roaming as well as paying international rates which are not cheap.
11. And last but not least don ‘t spend every last cent because you will need to pay $22 US (at this writing) per person to leave.